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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Monopod Selfie Review

I have been considering to get a Monopod for better Selfie for sometime. Sometime it is quite difficult to hand someone my camera or mobile phone to take some shot that I wanted to be in. And so I did.

I got a Monopod and a mobile phone adapter as there are all available over any online seller with reasonable pricing.

The mobile phone holder operate as a spring to hold the mobile phone into position.

Just make sure when you clip it on, it will not rest on any buttons and it should be fine.

The Monopod when folded is around 200mm but when fully extended it is around 1000mm. You can adjust any length between that depending on which angle you want to shoot.

This Monopod allow you to screw into any standard camera base. Just make sure your camera is not those which are too heavy like DSLR. For mobile phone, it should be fine.

Once tighten the screw, you can adjust any angle you wanted which much depending if you are using the front or back camera of your mobile phone.

Most of cause would choose the front camera which one can see from the screen how it would turn out to be. The disadvantage is most mobile phone have lesser quality and function compare to the back camera....

Here is a shot of myself when I fully extend the monopod. You can see the angle is quite wide. The bad thing is that you can see the monopod which I am holding on to. 

With training, user will learn to master it which for me need to do more selfie training.

You can set a timing function on your mobile phone or get a remote control for that. I would be doing a review later on the remote for this to add on.

Meanwhile do consider if you need a Selfie as if you have a big group, you want to take everyone in it, it's a good tool to have.

Feel free to comment and add on if this Monopod works for you.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mi Pad and Mi TV 2

Xiaomi has put out some good news in consumer electronics and there are 2 exciting product that excited me.

First, the new Mi Pad.

It is having 7.9” IPS display which support 2048x1536 326 PPI. It comes with NVIDIA Tegra K1 graphic processor with 2GB RAM. It comes with 8MP rear / 5MP front camera  with 802.11ac 2x2 Wi-Fi.

The 6700 mAh battery which was tested to serve the following
Standby  1300 hours
Music    86 hours
Reading  17 hours
Video Streaming 11 hours

There are two options, 16GB around SS$300 and the 64GB around S$340. Not to worry as there an option of extensible to 128GB via microSD card.

I think I can drop my wait for RedmiNotes for this. LOL

Another exciting product is the Mi TV 2!!

It has a 49" with 4K Display! Price would be approximately 800SGD!!

It has this neat features of buzzing your remote controller should anyone misplaced the controller which happen often in the household. Once the buzz is activated on the TV, the remote controller will sound off letting you know where the controller would be.

That's a helpful innovation that no one thought of.

With cheaper and higher feature TV, it really benefit the consumer at large. Don't you agree?

Why to go Xiaomi, you know what the market need.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Melody TakaraTomy Self-powered Fan

As the weather get hotter into the Summer, we really need some device for cooling off. One simple way is to fold a fan and fan yourself. However not long ago there was self-powered fan where one just need to power a fan yourself instead of having it run by AA or AAA batteries.

Here is one that is popular with the ladies. A Sanrio My Melody self-powered fan by TakaraTomy.

Isn't TakaraTomy produce toys in general? Yes, this is consider a toy fan.

This fan is activated by squeezing using one hand of the wrist. Just squeeze and let go and the blade will start spinning.

The fan speed is quite decent. You just have to be consistence in your rate of squeezing.

One of the selling point is having My Melody with this pink color fan. Surely fans of My Melody would get it.

Be careful though not to operate it close to your face or hair.

The list price is SGD$10. If you are interested, drop us a comment or email and we will arrange one for a limited time only.

It's Green and clean!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mi In-Ear Headphones Review

Ever since I heard there was a Mi in-Ear headphone, I am curious and wanted to get one to go along with my Xiaomi Redmi phone. After some waiting, finally managed to get what I wanted.

I got this at Xiaomi website direct and this headphone comes with aluminum casing and the sound is more than I can tell apart.

The design of the casing offer a good place for all the 3 parts and Re-useability for travel.

At the back of the accessories having IMORE DESIGN and it is comfortable to hold. The best part there is a tip that allow you to pull the cable out in cases you cannot reach it.

There are volume increase and decrease design and a button to allow to mute your voice instantly.

A plus point is at the bottom of the casing, it offer a clip to keep the wire near to your shirt and 3 sizes of ear plug for the users.

For the price of SGD$19.99, I cannot complain anything about it. The user experience and the first packaging opening is a good. Doesn't really feel it is a economy product and gave a fair quality than one should expect at those pricing.

Since I have a Redmi, it make sense to get the official earphone to go with it. :)

What do you think about this review?