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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Google Reader Closing

Like many others who are using Google reader, I was upset on what Google is doing. I knew something was amiss when last year they cut off adsense on RSS feed for Google.

Google reader is a useful free services as it provide such convenience to read all the web update at one location according to the arrangement of the feed we fancy. We may take Google product too much for granted as after all this is a free service and Google has the right to close any of their product any time they want.

On Google end, they claimed that the Reader usage is dying. While I may agree that could be a possibility but that also has to do with most website did a proper job in translating their feed to RSS friendly. I always felt frustrated of reading those feed that is incomplete on Google Reader.

Many Google users commented that Google should shut down their Google+ rather than reader which I kinda agree too. Who actually use that?

Digg on the other hand took hold of this move by Google and they are going to work on their RSS reader in hope to get the users of Google.

As for me, I will be waiting out as I am pretty sure many others will start to caterer for this demand and we certainly can look forward to better services.