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Friday, April 22, 2011

PSPgo, going, Gone!

To be honest, the first day I heard about PSP-GO! I know it will die prematurely. So it is no surprise when I read that PSP-GO! is going to end.

The reason why SONY Computer Entertainment they stop anymore PSPgo production in order to concentrate on the NGP...Sound like a good reason...ya...right.

Here are some points why in the first day I heard about PSPgo I know it will not be as successful as PSP itself.

1. Gaming pad location
Because of the new design of PSPgo, the keypad are placed closer to one another and it is too cramp.

2. No UMD
As Sony think this is a good way to go, Sony forgotten that the customers who may buy the new PSPgo have to re-buy again their game was formerly on UMD. So is it fair to the customer?

At the turn of event, PSPgo is discontinuing anywhere except North America.  So if you still want to get a PSP GO, you can do so in North America.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook Filter your updates to your list of Friends

There seems to have a change in setting happen right under the nose of most Facebook users without knowing.

Have you noticed that you are seeing updates in your newsfeed from he same people? Ever wonder what happen to the others friends who use be in your list? No, they have not been updating but chances are the NEW Facebook setting had filter that for you.

Apparently Facebook currently had two setting option.

1. Friends and Pages you interact the most
2. All your Friends and Pages

By default it is set to "Friends and Pages you interact the most".

To change the setting back to "All your Friends and Pages. Follow the following steps.

1. At your Newsfeed, Click on the arrow at the end of "Most Recent" and select "Edit Option". Look at the picture below for referance.

2. Now set it to "All you friends and Pages.

Now a lot of Facebook users especially your friends may not know that such a setting is done to them which mean most of your friends who you have not interact with for some time may not even know about your updates.

Spread this news to them so that they know such a setting had filter you out.

Of course for those friend you do not want them to know, this is a good thing and pray that they won't find out. LOL

Happy Facebook-ing!