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Friday, August 20, 2010

Share your Meal Singapore

From 21 Aug - 27 Aug 2010, each time you email a picture of a meal, City Developments Limited will donate SGD $3 to the poor.

This article in Singapore's Today newspaper I received via an email from a friend.
Share your meal on Singapore's Today newspaper article

Based on an idea from a US shareURmeal model, the money comes from City Developments Limited and goes to Touch Community Services's food distribution programs.

Send your pictures to: to start helping. They are targeting to get 1000 photos for a start.

Visit for more details.

So spread the news and help fellow Singaporeans who are in need and may God bless the givers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quadrant Benchmarking for Android

Ever wonder how powerful your Android phone is? Well here's a benchmark application for Android owners.

You can custom different type of benchmark or a Full benchmark which is recommended.

Quadrant test the CPU, Mermory, I/O, 2D and 3D graphics for benchmarking.

During the testing 2D and 3D graphics, the screen will show some nice graphic. I for one didn't know my phone can run 3D graphic. XP

The application requires internet connection for the computation of the benchmark result.

And this is my Android HTC Hero results... :(

Well at least it is better than HTC Magic. LOL Notice the Nexus One that is running 2.2 which is much faster than Nexus One running on 2.1. So Nexus users, update to Foyo please!

Quadrant is FREE but this comes with Ads.