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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

This Christmas I managed to take some decent photo of my Christmas tree. Decent as I finally got a tripod.

Since Christmas day was over, it is time to pack up the Christmas tree but I was told there was the 12 days of Christmas. Now that is something new to me although I heard of that popular Christmas song. I did a google search and I found the true meaning of the 12 things of Christmas represent.

1 True Love refers to God
2 Turtle Doves refers to the Old and New Testaments
3 French Hens refers to Faith, Hope and Charity, the Theological Virtues
4 Calling Birds refers to the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists
5 Golden Rings refers to the first Five Books of the Old Testament, the "Pentateuch", which gives the history of man's fall from grace.
6 Geese A-laying refers to the six days of creation
7 Swans A-swimming refers to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the sacraments
8 Maids A-milking refers to the eight beatitudes
9 Ladies Dancing refers to the nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit
10 Lords A-leaping refers to the ten commandments
11 Pipers Piping refers to the eleven faithful apostles
12 Drummers Drumming refers to the points of doctrine in the Apostle's Creed


Now I know. Guess I will take down the Christmas till 5 January 2011 then. Actually is an excuse to delay to take the decoration and pack the tree. LOL

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Facebook Phishing on email

Phishing is not something new but it is something quite worrying if one is not well equip with the knowledge to know how to prevent themselves for falling into one.

I just received a Phished email taking the identity of facebook friend notification. If it is found on my facebook email account then I would have fallen into it but this one happen to my none facebook email that got me on second look.

Just look at the screen capture below.

Everything look in order especially when the profile photo was an attractive woman with inviting messages. Luckily I had a habit to see the url before I click and the lower left hand corner of my browser. You can see it is not directed to facebook but some other url location. That is Phishing.

I am not adventurous to take the risk to click it but rather delete the email straight away and I think it is good to share with my readers such scam.

So friends and readers, please be alert.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What happen to Mcdonald Sundae?

McDonalds has been around for many years and beside their hamburgers, one of the favorite pick should be the Sundae. Can you recall how their Sundae especially Hot fridge Sundae look like? Good. It look something like following when I googled "mcdonald's Sundae"

Now hold that image in your mind. It was not the first time I ordered a Sundae that does not reflect the version on their poster. I am talking about the quantity. The tip of the cream barely reach over the cup.

I have personally sounded that out to the crew and he remake another for me. I should be satisfy as he is redoing my order but to my surprise, it turn out to be like the first one!

Here is the remake of my order...

This is not the first time I received this quality of Sundae. In fact a couple of time in different outlet when I have my Sundae craving. I am certain it is not foreign to you.

Tell me how would you feel with such quality? I felt short changed...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Fly in Men's toilet cubicle?

Recently I visited Changi Airport and I encounter a interesting incident at the Men's room.

Yes it seems like a fly in a clean toilet cubicle. On the second look, I notice it was not the real fly but a design. Why on earth will there put a fly design there?

Well it's actually a ingenious way for men to "Stay on target" when they are "releasing" themselves (I know I did). As it's a common scenario that it was always wet at men cubicle due to poor aiming. Most of these cases could be intentionally anyway.

See how a simple design can reduce such incident? Yes it's so interesting that I took a picture of it. By the way, thumbs up for the clean standard of toilet by the staff of Changi Airport.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Footwear that maybe hazard for Escalator

It is not something new that some footwear are dangerous when you take escalator and one particular footwear was design such as Cros.

The thing is the rubber design shoes such as Cros have many imitation but as a whole, rubber shoes. The incident happen a number of time and it is out on the local paper.  Most of the time the victim were children.

I saw this sign at a local shopping mall to remind shoppers to be aware if they are wearing rubber footwear and the cause of such incident.

So it is good to know if you wear rubber slipper to be very careful especially when taking the escalator.

Monday, November 15, 2010

There's no place like Home

If you have read or seen the movie "The Wizard of OZ", you may find this phase "There is no place like home" familiar. It was one of the magic word that Dorothy utter when she wear the magical shoes to return to her home from OZ.

As I was traveling up the escalator, I notice the legs of the little gal sticking out that kinda remind me of Oz. Although these was black shoes instead of Red. However I felt the feel was there. So quicky snapped a shot.

It is wonderful to have some love one to carry you home end of a tiring day. Such is a father love.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sony Ericsson PSP Android Phone?

Is this news too good to be true? Sony Ericsson + PSP + Android phone! Let's see...

Sony Ericsson which is generally good in camera phone (I used to follow 4 mobile phone of them), Checked
PSP type of Gaming. (I am still playing my PSP 1006 which is over 5 years old) Checked.
Android OS (I am still digging Android as I am using HTC Hero now because Sony Ericsson was too late to know what people wanted). Checked.

So these could be a good reason for me to get phone. Wait...I need more specs details.
The phone is also reported to have a 1-GHz Qualcomm processor, 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB of ROM. Sound good enough for me.

The phone takes microSD cards and not memory sticks or UMD (That should be the way as memory sticks are always more costly and microSD more conventional).

But seriously, will you use your phone just to play games which drain much battries? Even when I am using my android phone to surf net I have already use up much of my batteries. It would be a challenge to use it as a gaming machine.

My other concern is the Android version running on this devices. Will they be any performance issue? Will they be upgrade of Android OS over the air?

If this can preform better than my current old HTC Hero and come with a better camera that reason itself already a good pull factor for me. I guess I have to wait and see if this piece of news is true.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mcdonald Monopoly is Back!

Last year October, Mcdonald Singapore roll out a successful Monopoly game for their customers.

This year, it is back again with more attractive prizes:
100 x S$100 Tangs Voucher
50 x Timex watches
40 x S$400 JetStar voucher
10 x Samsung Bundles
1 X Dynasty travel to Las Vegas for 4
1 x Kai 1.6l Car
1 x S$80,000

The rare pieces are as follows:
Joo Chiat, Scotts Road, Shenton Way, Tanjong Rhu, Thomson Road, Toa Payoh, Orchard Road and Sentosa Cove.

Good luck!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goodbye Windows Live Spaces

There are some great changes again in Blogosphere. Windows Live Spaces is coming to an end.

Starting the end of September, 2010 Windows Live Space owners are given the opportunity to upgrade their blog by migrating it to All content are made easy for downloading by Windows. The choice however is with the bloggers.

Coming 4th of January 2011, owner will no longer able to make changes of their blog and by 16th March 2011, Windows Live Spaces will close for good.

I used to have a blog on Windows Live Spaces myself but I closed it due to lack of customizing and running some ads. The traffic was quite good though and there was a point of time I received many spamming comments and I have a hard time to keep track and finally I disable comment option.

Between Wordpress and Blogspot, I chose Blogspot and I am happy to this day.

It is good to close it down if they no longer provide much for the bloggers. It has been a good run though Windows Live Spaces.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Solution to Vibration for Handcent on Android

Sometime ago, I upgraded my android phone upgraded from 1.5 to 2.1. Ever since then, my Handcent application and other messaging application no longer vibrate whenever a SMS came in.

Finally I found a work around, Sound Manager. This application enable you to switch instantly to ring mode, vibration, or mute. Because it exposes the sound & volume controls of the android phone, you can now change the vibrating setting and now whenever SMS came in, it will vibrate using handcent.

You can find this Sound Manager application FREE on Android market. If you find this information useful. Drop a comment. ")

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Give up your Seat!?

If you have been taking SMRT in Singapore, you will be hearing a woman group singing to remind and encourage passengers to stand in line, give way to alighting passengers when the train is arriving. In short, Dim Sum Dollies are promote gracious behaviour on public transport by singing.

Beside singing, their photos are pasted in MRT too. This is one of them to remind passenger to give up seat to those who need it more.

In this case, they remind you to "Give up your seat"...but what seat are they talking about?

or maybe someone have really given up the seat. See, no seat. LOL

If you are wondering who is Dim Sum Dollies, you can read more about them here.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seesmic Authentication error on Android

If you have experience a sudden Authentication error while using Seesmic like me, do not be alarm. The cause has nothing to do with Seesmic but Twitter end.

Starting 31st August 2010, all applications using Twitter will be required to use “OAuth” to access your Twitter account.

OAuth is a technology that enables applications to access Twitter on your behalf with your approval without asking you directly for your password. You only need to re-enter your password once and there after it will take over.

The advantage of OAuth has taken security to a higher level as the applications now are no longer allowed to store your password. In the event you change your password, the applications will continue to work on your devices.

So in order for you to continue using Seesmic, all you have to do is to delete your account in that application and re-login the account. Once it is being done, everything will be back in order.

You can check the list of application you authorized at You can also  revoke the access any application from the list anytime you want.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Share your Meal Singapore

From 21 Aug - 27 Aug 2010, each time you email a picture of a meal, City Developments Limited will donate SGD $3 to the poor.

This article in Singapore's Today newspaper I received via an email from a friend.

Based on an idea from a US shareURmeal model, the money comes from City Developments Limited and goes to Touch Community Services's food distribution programs.

Send your pictures to: to start helping. They are targeting to get 1000 photos for a start.

Visit for more details.

So spread the news and help fellow Singaporeans who are in need and may God bless the givers.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Will you be watching any Youth Olympic Games competition?

Channel News Asia have conducted a survey on their website regarding the coming Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

The poll question of "Will you be watching any Youth Olympic Games competition?"

With choices like
A. Yes, I'll be at most competition venues to catch the action live
B. Yes, I'll watch selective games in person
C. Yes, if any Singapore athlete enters the finals
D. Yes, I'll catch the action only on TV
E. I'm not interested at all
F. What's YOG about?

The results was unbelievable!

* Screen capture from

A total of 90% of the surveyor which is 3483 individual voted "I'm not interested at all"!

Is this the reflection of the event on ground level?

Singapore have pretty make adjustment to YOG such as going to the extend to allocate the second-leftmost lane on affected routes will be designated as the YOG Lane for official vehicle. That move itself have another survey for the road users. 54% of the road user feedback they will give way to official vehicle while 28% voted No and the remainder 18% were unaware there was such allocation.

Nonetheless, let's hope the YOG will be a success.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

iPad launching in Singapore

I received this funny photo from one of the forwarded mail in my mailbox. It should be the time when the news of Apple iPad was announced.

The above images are credit to

It get me laughing but somehow it does have some logic to it. Anyway iPad will be releasing tomorrow in Singapore and the 3 telcos are giving their data plan packages for iPad users.

SingTel have a one time registration fees of $12.60 for unlimited three days data usage. M1's prepaid plan costs $20 for a cap of total 1GB for 30 days and StarHub's prepaid plan costs $32 for 60 days with a cap of 2GB data.

Will it be a hit in Singapore since you can surf the net on free wireless Singapore with a laptop? Hm...

Monday, July 19, 2010


From young, I have always fascinated by these tiny creatures called Ants. How they work together, crawled in a straight line and how they communicate with each other. I learned to respect them more when I was bitten by some red ants.

I saw some red ant when I was out to try out some Macro shots and they were my subject.

As they were busy looking for food, I was busy trying to hold my camera still to try capturing them, but they crawl too fast for me to actually follow. Their effort pays off as they found a helpless caterpillar.

Together they carried the spoil home.

Do you know an ant can carry 20 times of it weights? Well imagine a person who have the ability of an ant. Here are more facts of Ants that you may want to know.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Handcent not vibrating on Android 2.1 on HTC Hero

I have been trying the whole week to get my Handcent to vibrate again when my phone was set in Vibrating mode. All this happen when I upgraded my HTC Hero that uses OTA to update the firmware.

I have tried to uninstall it and restart the OS and follow by install again. However it never vibrate anymore in vibrating mode when message came in. However when someone called, the phone will vibrate. Is there how it should be? I don't think so.

Anyone facing the same problem and found any solution for this?

Updates: A work around found! 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Showing Fans Thumbnail on Facebook Like Widget a good thing?

If you have been visiting some blog, you would see a common site of Facebook Like Widget (used to be called Facebook Fan Page) for that blog or website.

If you happen to "Like" those sites, it is very likely that your facebook profile picture as a thumbnail and your name will be displayed on the site randomly. When anyone click on that profile, your PUBLIC profile will be display on a new page.

While showing the massive fans or people who like the website a good thing for the blogger or web master, that somehow also prevent people who enjoy privacy to join in.

In short, having a display thumbnail of those who like your blog on facebook a good thing? What do you think? Does that prevent you to "like" a page?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 3 of Android 2.1 Update on HTC Hero

This is my day 3 using the new Android Éclair on my HTC Hero.

But here's something I discovered personally.

No more Keypad Calibrating
I could not find Keypad Calibrating option on my HTC Hero anymore. It's not that I need it since I calibrated during Android 1.5 before but for the new users maybe it would be helpful to them. oh well...

New Camera and Video software upgrade
They upgraded the camera and video software on the phone with more option but please note that since they upgraded the software, all the images and Video naming convention have been reset! I have overwritten some of my old photos by the new one as I copy them on to my PC! So do take note of you updated your phone.

If I discover more stuff, I will blog on it more.

By the way, if you have not receive Over-The-Air update of your Android 2.1 update on your HTC Hero, may you can try to change your the year on your date to 2011 and do another update search. It should work. The update of the firmware should be around 30 minutes depending on your broadband speed and your carrier.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

HTC Hero Android 2.1 Upgrade!

I have been waiting for sometime for my HTC Hero to have a firmware update from 1.5 to 2.1. This morning when I connect my phone to the internet, it prompted me for the update. I was surprise at first and later impressed with the update downloaded and install in my phone seamlessly all through my mobile broadband. And the best thing was all my data was intact after the installation. How cool is that?

I have to give credit to HTC for that!

HTC said that the upgrade to Android 'Eclair' would come in two parts. The first will be rolled out from this week and will be automatically detected by the handset's update checks (this is what I got and did). The second, which "will follow towards the end of the month", will wipe all data on the phone and therefore necessitate a user data backup, HTC said. So please note to update now before the second lest you lost your data!

More info here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Went to CommunicAsia2010 at Singapore Expo on a weekday. It is exciting to see some of the technology from different countries exhibit their products.One of which that interest me was Mobile communication. Samsung was there to promote on of their latest android product, Galaxy S. I have a hands on it and I like the big screen but the menu look very iPhone looking. It was still running android 2.1.

Skype was there too. It colorful booth really draw people attention. They were giving iPhone cover for those who had their iPhone installed the Skype Apps.

Apparently, there are no love for Skype to Android user it seems...:(

But the most surprising thing was to see Japan Docomo to be there displaying their docomo phone!

Here's one that will drive the ladies crazy.

Still don't get it? Maybe this will help.

You got it right. It is Kate Spade Docomo mobile phone!

It seems like ladies love flip phone.

Stylish keypad.

Later on I pop over to Broadcast Asia and 3D was a hot topic of the day. With 3D TV, camera and broadcasting. Some of the 3D TV need glasses while some do not. Here's one that do not need the glasses.

Sony did a good job in selling video camera that they hire a artist painter to paint the colorful umbrella for you to test out the video camera in a studio setting.

Overall CommunicAsia was a big event and there was just too many things to talk about. I will certainly look forward to next year.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIDO Woof Cup Edition

The World Cup at South Africa had started and the fever had even goes to Dogs market from UNIO.

There are other choices when it come to country team.

I think Football fans who are Dog owner may pay for this.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Obama Candy

I visited a local convenience store and on one of the snack bar, I saw these candy!

Obama the current President of United States of America had a candy line?! Just look at the information on the container. Obama must be really famous that people do a product for him.

Friday, June 4, 2010

SMRT Train Vandalised!

This is the first time in history, a Mass Rapid Transports (MRT)in Singapore being vandalised externally.

According to the source from the Straits times, it was vandalised at a depot in a restricted area amounted with array of barriers, including fences topped with barbed wire.

The vandal suspected to be a 33-year-old Swiss national, sneaked into the sprawling depot at Changi. The elaborate graffiti was on one side of a train, across one carriage. More news at Straits times.

Once again this maybe adding on a bad name in Street graffiti which the last time such action in the act of advertisement by Singpost, the public didn't take it well. With this new act of vandalism especially from a foreigners who do it intentionally, local Street Graffits artist maybe having a hard time with their works and passion.

It seems many have forgotten about the case of a foreigner preformed a vandalism act, Michael P. Fay. A decade of years later, Vandalism act by a foreigner happened again and this time on a Singapore Public Transport blatantly without respect on local authority.

Even in the name of art, one should be accountable of his own action. Now we have to let the law proceeding to set things in place.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Google TV?

Google had Google phone, now prepare for Google TV.

All I have to say is beware TV maker and most of all Cable TV provider but as for consumers for choice, rejoice!

More information at

Friday, May 14, 2010

Adobe [heart] Apple

Something I saw draw my attention today.

Abode giving some love to Apple?

The above was a response of a recent release writing by Steve Job from Apple regarding their thoughts on Flash (a Abode's Product). The article talk about being "Open" and from the word of Apple, Adobe is not being Open and that's one reason why Apple did not include Flash ability in their iPod, iPhone, iPad products.

Some of the words from Apple:
"Adobe’s Flash products are 100% proprietary. They are only available from Adobe, and Adobe has sole authority as to their future enhancement, pricing, etc. While Adobe’s Flash products are widely available, this does not mean they are open, since they are controlled entirely by Adobe and available only from Adobe. By almost any definition, Flash is a closed system." - thoughts on Flash

I felt pretty bad about this paragraph in their writing to say one product.

"Symantec recently highlighted Flash for having one of the worst security records in 2009. We also know first hand that Flash is the number one reason Macs crash. We have been working with Adobe to fix these problems, but they have persisted for several years now. We don’t want to reduce the reliability and security of our iPhones, iPods and iPads by adding Flash." - thoughts on Flash

That is simply uncalled for. Are those application written by Adobe officially or third party developers using Flash scripting? If it is third party writer, how can you said it is a closed system?

Anyway in response Adobe co-founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock responded in print and its website with “Our Thoughts on Open Markets.” and particularly, I like the following written there.

"We believe that consumers should be able to freely access their favorite content and applications, regardless of what computer they have, what browser they like, or what device suits their needs. No company — no matter how big or how creative — should dictate what you can create, how you create it, or what you can experience on the web."

Spot on!

A customer is always right as he is pay their money on things that they wanted. End of the day, we want to see youtube and play flash games on our mobile. If you can't and won't provide, we can understand but do not be little products you cannot or won't support!

End of the day everyone has choices and don't let anyone take away from you.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Watch Video online with Skyfire on Android Phone

One of the imperfection of using mobile to surf the net remind on flash not being able to load but most importantly the important of view video online. Although there are some smartphone offer players like HTC, most couldn't play the video. Now with Skyfire it has solved that problem regardless it is 1.5 or 2.1 Android OS.

The new Skyfire 2.0 enable android, Nokia and even Window Mobile users to be able to view Video online such as Youtube and some flash application. Skyfire do allow desktop or mobile view as a browser and you can share what you are watching across various social network such as Twitter, facebook and others.

I personally have tested and it is working like a charm on youtube. :D

So Android users,
download Skyfire here!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Singapore get to see World Cup 2010

Previously many worried for Singapore not be able to watch World Cup 2010. Well the word is out that Singapore is finally having World cup. All that is a jointed effort from Singtel and Starhub venture to pay about US$15 million.

In 2006, it was believed that StarHub paid US$5 million for the telecast rights to the 2006 World Cup. After 4 years, US$15 million. Talk about inflation! I can't imagine how much will it be for 2014 World Cup. (Source )

How important is World Cup to Singapore? Some many take day off during important matches, Neighbourhood Coffee shop gathering and make loud cheers in the middle of the night and to top it off, it has been a topic that talked about during the recent Singapore Parliament by some minister.

Well you can say they are lots of Football lover but do they play football? No. More like a spectator sport which most put their money into it. Maybe that is why it is important ?

Not for me. I was never affected by World cup... wait...I guess I am affected when someone shouted GOAL!!! when I am sleeping and it is not in my home but by the distance neighbors.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No money go Pawn Shop?

When times are bad and many need cash, some may resort to pawn some valuable. Now I am fine with that but if good stewardship is in place there would be not much need on that. Anyway Pawn shop has always been around in Singapore for ages but recently due to casino and TV advertisements, I happen to take note of them again. Now modern and very different from the old Pawn shop I used to know in the neighborhood.

Anyway I saw a Pawnshop advertisement on the local TV channel. The story started two well dressed young ladies meeting up and started to chat. Women one who was a celebrity asked her lady friend who is in her early 20s "Your boyfriend birthday coming, what do you want to get for him?"

"He wanted a new laptop but I don't have the cash for it." answered the young lady. The impression I get maybe she was pursuing her degree. The lady celebrity then answered her "No worry I think I can solve that problem."

Next scene you see both of them enter a good modern Pawn shop (the advertiser) and the young lady handed her jewelry ear ring and get some cash. All of them are happy.

The scene then goes to the young lady handed a gift (laptop) to her boyfriend at a candle light open air restaurant. The guy was very happy and so was the girl. Happy ending right? What is the message you get when you saw this advertisement? When you need money for something, go to pawn some valuable.

Some questions came to my mind. Is the boyfriend birthday gift an emergency? A need or a want? Is that the best way to do it?

Pawning something is not selling something. It is just putting something of value to get cash and later go back to claim back the item. Of course if after the given time you do not redeem the item, it would have sold away. I think it's alright if whatever you pawn belows to you but what if it is not?

I don't know but I feel the advertisement could have done better but somehow it seems like giving a wrong message to me. What do you think?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No World Cup viewing for Singapore?

Not too long ago, SINGTEL and StarHub had bid for the exclusive right to broadcast the coming World cup individually and failed. As the world cup is drawing near, SINGTEL and StarHub finally joined strength together to get the rights to broadcast. However even if they were awarded the rights, only four matches will be broadcast. There are the opening game between host South Africa and Mexico on June 11, the semi-finals on July 6 and 7, and the final on July 11.

According to the news source: Not even the free-to-air telecasts of four critical games will be shown here if the telcos fail to secure the rights from football's world governing body Fifa - at a reported $100million.

Now 100 million is a big sum of money. Do you think it is too high like a milking machine?

Personally I am not really a soccer fan and I feel the benefits are no more sleepless night and everyone is able to preform their day activity such as study or work. LOL

Thursday, April 1, 2010

US Secret researched Exposed!

This would be the post of the day.

For years many activity had been report at Area51. After President Obama took over Presidency, he promised to make the secret research familiar and helpful to all mankind. Here are the exclusive photos

I have to say, these are really the essence of the American's Dream and a good way to find terrorism. We are really living in exciting time. ;)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Music Licence may change the way Wedding goes

One of my friend just told me that he may have to pay for the music he going to use in his wedding. Wedding already was a stress event to go through for couple and to top it up, the cost of his plan wedding may have to goes up.

All this happen as the news of copyright owners of commercial music are hunting down infringements, Recording Industry Performance Singapore (Rips) and Music Publishers Singapore(MPS) held an educational talk for wedding photographers and videographers early this week.

Taken from the message is clear that Pay for the copyrighted work or use royalty-free music. Otherwise, face criminal or civil action.

The cost of paying the license will land either on the video company or the newly wedding couples.

I did a search and I found out there are much more license in Singapore you have apply for just to play or perform copyrighted music, exhibit films, use music/karaoke videos and operate TV sets on your premises or at your events.

Copyright Permit to play or perform copyrighted music at arts events such as plays, concerts, drama/dance performances, fashion shows, magic shows, getai etc.

Copyright Licence to play or perform copyrighted music on your premises (e.g. nightspots, karaoke lounges, amusement parks, etc.).

Film Exhibition Licence to exhibit films that are rated NC16, M18 or R21, which includes cinematograph films, videotapes, VCDs and DVDs. You need to apply for a separate licence for each location where the film is screened. If you are screening films rated PG and below, you do not need to obtain this licence.

Licences To Use Music Videos And Karaoke Videos to use (e.g. play, perform and reproduce) music videos or karaoke videos. Businesses such as karaoke operators, nightclubs and bars may require these licences.

Non-Residential TV Licence to place or operate a TV or any other equipment that receives broadcast signals at your business premises. You will still need this licence even if you do not tune into any TV station, and only use the equipment to play videos and DVDs.

More detail at

Still enjoy your music, Singapore?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Google Reader Play

I just discover a new feature that was being introduced by Google when I was using Google reader. It's Google Reader Play. Google Reader Play is a fun way to browse interesting stuff on the web.

Unlike Google reader, you need not add any feed. All the feed are random but guarantee fun and interesting read. Basically it is design for readers who have some free time and wanted to feed their curiosity and to be entertained.

If you find any article interesting, you can marked it as "Star" as bookmarked to read later or achieved it, indicate you Like it or to Share it any social media channel.

The articles will be random and you can slide it as you read along side way. If you are too lazy to even slide, there's slide show option too! Now how easy (lazy encouragement) can you get?

In no way this Google reader Play is going to replace Google Reader which had all your subscribed feeds. I think this would be welcome by many who want to be entertain. I know I do enjoyed it already. LOL

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Add Google Translator to Blogger

Here is a tutorial of how you can add a Google Translator in your blogger blogspot.
Once log in to your blogger account account, go under Layout > Page Elements

This will display the own layout of your blog. Click on Add a Gadget.

A new window will pop up. Select a HTML/JavaScript

The window will refreshed and it is time for you to put in the coding of the following. You may cut and paste it.

You may name the title anyway you like it. For my case, I put "Google Translate". Once done, click on Save and the window will be closed.

Click on Save on the main template and your widget for Google Translator should be up.

If you find this tutorial helpful, please rate it. Comments are welcome.