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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

I woke up to hear the news of the death of Michael Jackson! I can't believe it! Sent a couple of SMSes to my old friends to verify and it was true... Michael Jackson had departed.

My close friends and brother did not take the news well too. What to do? From our growing up days we have been listening to his hits, so much so that his songs had been a background music of our stages in our life. I never did grow tired of his songs and I can still remember the memories of those stages of my life when I was listening to some of those songs.

In the 80's, I had his cassettes playing on my Walkman and mini compo blasting away hours. I played it so often that my parents would know who MJ was. When the CDs era come about, I started to get the same album in CDs. I collected some of his singles which are still with me today. As for his Music Video, I watched it on my LD player blasting it away with surround sound system. I was so fanatic about him, I even bought his perfume. It has a unique smell and I like it then.

When I learned that he is coming to Singapore for concert in the 1993 (Dangerous) and 1997 (HIStory), I parted my saving for the tickets. I knew it was once in a lifetime experience. MJ was the first singer who is able command the performance at our Singapore National Stadium. During his History concert in the middle of "You are not alone", he looked at the direction of where I was sitting and without hesitation, I stood up and wave at him. Everyone around me was sitting down. He saw me waving and smile and wave back. It was a magical moment.

I understand there are a number of people who do not like him because of the news around him and his lifestyle. As a fan, I love his works as an artist and his works do made a mark in his era. He had bring us many WOW memories in the 80s and 90s and leaving a foot print in history. I couldn't imagine how my teenage is like without Michael Jackson. I don't think they are any singer or entertainer will be able to fit his shoes. Never seen now until now anyway. Given to preform at a young age, it is fair to say his life was all about music.

I really want to get this sadness of my chest. There is so much I want to say but I could find the right words for it... :(

Good bye Michael Jackson. Thank you for the music and the magical Moonwalking. May you find happiness and peace wherever you are now. You will dearly missed always.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Truth about Twitter and Tweets.

taken from

How true is this? LOL

Monday, June 22, 2009

Online Game on Soical Network, Good or Bad?

Today I am going to talk about games on social networks. Games are popular in social media for a few reasons.

Fun and Achievement
A game is generally fun to play alone or with friends. It has a simple goal and lot of room for player skill/item upgrades. Such games are designed to retain gamer interest and keep them coming back.

Playing with friends
Some social network games involve multi-players. Sometime it is a good thing to motivate one another as one player progresses to a higher level. Such games can be a common topic to discuss on social networks.

The real reason why online social media provide games is simple. They want you to log in and stay in there to spend your time and in return raise their traffic and earn from it.

Playing games is fun and sometimes it can be addictive.

Rewards and Achievement
Most of the time, your achievement is likely to be published on your network and it has to be to shown off. Now that can work to your disadvantage if someone in your network disapproves of your gaming habit. One of those could be your superior or parent.

Let's face it. Some of us MAY have been played games during study or work. It may be great way to relax but your gaming achievement may be proof that you have not been working or studying as you should. All you need is a network of yours from your office or your teacher and your time spent playing are revealed. No doubt you may choose not to reveal your game score but they may already be captured and displayed somewhere in your profile.

So next time when you think about playing games, think about the contacts in your network.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this. I would love to hear it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Carpark advertising

You were going to your car and behold you see an advertisement brochure regarding car cleaning or car related on your wind screen. Will you happy read it or will you just can't wait for the moment to find a place to throw it away? Imagine every car wind screen in the car park as it. Now what do you think about it now?

Is that a good marketing move or a bad one? Personally many car users will feel upset for such junk to be on their vehicles. Sure someone will get to know their services and name but it is not because of the quality service or good pricing but the continuous spamming of unwanted brochure found on their car! Strike one!

Car park may look like a good way to zero into the customer base but people normal do not need such spamming. It is more like intrusion of people property as a car is indeed someone private property. The unwanted brochure will be litter or laying all over the car park. That is another negative score for the environment. Strike Two!

If that is not enough, the cleaners and the car park management will get to know about the advertising company and curse it! Strike three.

So you see, advertising with brochure leaving on cars is negative advertising. Although there maybe cases where they will be few leads, the damage is often higher than earning. Do you agree?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Something about Social Network issues

There are different levels of friendship. We normally will not class our friends as it is not a NICE to say we do so but it is an unwritten practice we apply in our day to day life. In friendship, we draw boundaries dividing sectors of our social life and putting on different persona and behavior.

*Picture credit to Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves

To business we talk and behave professionally. With good friends we let our hair down and party. And with very closed friend and soul mate, we have the confident to show our venerability to each other to confide.

Now imagine we take friendship online in one social network, that where all hell break loose.

Privacy is always an issue when we are talking about social networking and sadly, not enough were done on addressing this issue. Think along with me.

Imagine you go for a job interview and your potential employer did a search on your social network and found you? What will be their first impression be?

Imagine you blog about your son/daughter when they were born and you often update their daily progresses. Now in twenty years time, someone did a check online of your child, what will he/she find? Will there be issue of shame or pride?

Take it closer we have youngster who love to live in the wild side of life and documenting issues to them and happenings around them. Could such information one day be an exploitation to others and themselves? If that day come, who is to blame? Will personal privacy be an validation of their innocence?

In the coming entries, I will be sharing cases which maybe fictional but it may list out the potential risk without you knowing or unknowing doing it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It will Blow your mind away?

This advertisement poster was on displayed at a bus stop. It was not the only time I came across food and beverage using suggestive sexual theme. After all, Sex sell right? Really? For food?

Sex and food work two different way and often enough it does not mix.
So what if the burger is 7 inches or even 12 inches long? Do that attract male customer or female customer? What about female customers? Do they feel hungry after seeing the advertisement poster?

Tell me honestly, do you feel hungry and want to eat the product in the picture? For male I guess they will look more looking at the female character in the poster. For female, I don't know. In short food and sex doesn't mix. It would likely to work distastefully. Maybe to comprehend this poster really blow people mind away when wondering what is that food brand is trying to establish their brand. Did that blow your mind too?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How safe are the tweets links?

Twitter is a popular and effective means of reaching out to the masses. It is the Internet equivalent of passing messages by word-of-mouth and a convenient tool for building your own network. How one goes about spreading information is through its 140 characters-limit "tweet". This could be a problem when attaching a lengthy URL. To counter that problem, a URL shortener comes into the picture. While a URL shortener is handy, it hides the actual URL leaving the recipient with no idea which website it is directing them to should they click. With that in mind, how safe is that link for the recipient?

The threats of Spyware, Trojan and Computer viruses are real on twitter. Just few days ago, a newest Twitter Worm “Best Video” is spreading. It is another classic example of how such tweets resemble the pattern on messengers and forwarded emails. Here are few points we can prevent ourselves from such mishaps.

Know who you are following.
The pros of twitter is you will not get tweet by anyone if you are not his/her follower. Getting followed is a good feeling and often enough we get followed by people we hardly know in person. Out of good will or formality, we follow them back. A rule of the thumb of safety is to know who you are following. Checking on his profile is a good start. See the content of his previous tweets to decide if that person is trustworthy. In the latest Twitter worm attack, the owner of an infected computer or account may not even be aware that a malicious tweet is automatically sent to all of his/her followers.

Know what you are clicking
Do not click any URL without knowing the owner and the proper content of the URL. If the description on the tweet is not enough for you to decide, you might want do some clarification before clicking. Honestly, "Best video" already looks fishy enough as it lacks the intent of conveying a personal message across.

As Twitter is widely used for leisure, people are likely to let their guard down in the hope of viewing videos or interesting stuff. However, in the age of the Internet, we are open to exploitation. We may end up putting our data on our PC at risk. Always be mindful to never to fall prey to such malicious attacks.

If you can think of other ways of prevention, please feel free to discuss! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Leonography get it's own Twitter

Finally got a Twitter for Leonography.

Yes virgin tweet. Follow me on Twitter Now!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogging in general

They are various reasons why someone started blogging. Some blog for hobbies, some for lifestyles, some for personal chronology documentation while some personal emotional therapy for their "emo-ing" and some are out right blogging for instant money. Regardless of the reason, you wanted someone to read.

I often heard some bloggers complaining that their blog readership is little. Now the questions they have to ask themselves should be do they want any reader following their blog and do they know who are those readers? If it is their personal life and their circles of friends know about their blog, they pretty much will follow them. With that in mind, they just keep doing what they are doing and they will be fine as it is a personal blog for your circle of friends. If they want growth, they may have to grow their personal network for that.

While exposure do help but it is the content that attract the readers. If she have a pretty face and a hot figure (cam whore a lot) and she put those it in her blog, she will very much guarantee certain readership regardless of what content she wrote about. The more bitchy and suggestive the content or photographs, the more likely to increase the readership. It is a tested formula after all and we have many living examples but sometime it is sad to see the quality of her readers.

If a blogger is not that lucky, he may want to focus on some topics and hope that search engines will help him out to grow his readership. For that, he may have to blog about certain topic he is passionate and have knowledge about. He must write in his personal point view and presentation even though it was a common topic and at all time encourage discussion. To encourage discussion, is to encourage readers who most of the time he never met to leave a comment. Now the question is how to get a reader to comment. Maybe I should talk on that topic a little more.

Readership after all is like Community while your blog need to be the center of it. I believe most of us blogger would like to readership by the end of the day right?