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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Regarding Comments

I was reading today this interesting articles about How Not to Promote Your Blog: Top 10 Broken Blog Promotion Strategies.Few of the points shared hit my mind and heart but the one the stand out the most is "Comment"

Although I didn't get much comment on this blog but I do get regular ones over on another blog of mine. There are a few occasion I get comments that I consider as Spamming.

Like what the article stated, the rule of the thumb for comment should be Sincere, Relevant, and Valuable. Well I don't really mind if the comment is Valuable like "Hey I love your entry" as I would be encouraged but been Sincere and Relevant is important to me. Some of the comments I got was asking question that the entry already being answered. I would not go into detail about the situation as being a nice guy I always give people a benefit of doubts. I didn't delete the comment either. That just being nice and parade someone foolishness. LOL Okay I am being crude here.

I have not really been publicizing or promoting this blog because of some experiences I had with blogger aka blogspot. Maybe I should do it more regularly now since I am into blogging most of the time.

Some positive comments here would be nice. LOL

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twitter Spammers

Whenever there is a new free community services, it won't take long for it being abuse by some users. Finally Spammers caught up in Twitter.

Originally used to keep an update of personal status in your circles of friends, now became an advertising tools. With using of short url, it is not certain where and what the link will lead to. Now the question is, is it safe?

Although it felt great to have someone following you but remember to keep piracy in mind always. For the pass 1 days, I got 3 new followers but by the time I log in to see all my 3 new followers, I saw this

which the account was banned most likely to be spamming while another is showing this..

which is likely to be ban also... We shall see...