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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to have your Customise Twitter Background

I have been on Twitter for quite sometime. Finally have the time to do some customization on my Twitter, mainly the background. I tried that out on my Twitter linking to my Toy blog and it look great if I can say so myself. :P

Interested to know how I customized my background? Here are my experiences.

First, you need to set your color tone. You can do by going into Setting under Design Tab. Click on "Change design colors" link at the bottom and choose you color. Take note of the choice of your HTML color tone, you need that as the base of your picture when you design that left side graphic.

For the left side graphic, I use a 120 pixel x 596 pixel (Width x Height) as a template. With that, just add the graphic you want on it. Apply the HTML color coding as a base and paste whatever picture on it. This may need some creative and digital touch up skills.

Once your Left graphic is done, upload that up under "Change Background Image". Unless you want your image to keep repeating as Tile layout, you should not check on the "Tile background" check box.

Save the changes and you have yourself your very own customize Twitter look!

Feedback, questions and comment are welcome. :) Of cos, you may also follow me. :P