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Friday, September 26, 2008

Have your own Favicon

Here is another sharing entry from me.

For those who do not know what is a Favicon, this is what I am talking about.

Yes. It is the icon that is just beside the address bar. My default was the orange B, Blogspot logo.

I could not stop stressing the benefit of having your own Favicon. It is a norm for net surfer who open multiple tabs and how will your page be standing out? Now you can create your own.

It is quite easy and here are the steps I took to get it done.

- Image editing software and basic image software skills.
- web image hosting which could be your own web server or those free image storage online such as Photobucket.

Here how it is done
Create an image or crop an image to 30x30 pixel. You can make it smaller but make sure it should be a square. Save it as an image file (jpg/gif/png). Importance is to keep the file size small so it can load faster. Anyway here is mine.

Upload the image to your web server or free image online.

Now if you are a Blogspot user like me, log in to your account. Go under Layout and to Edit HTML.

Look for </head>

Add this line of quote to just above </head>


Replace YOUR_IMAGE_ADDRESS with your image storage address and SAVE it.

View your blog again and you will see your favicon appearing next to the address bar.

Now you can see your web page is standing out on itself.

You can be so YOU now! Let me know if you have done it too! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kill Bill

Tired of your Bills? Why not just do this?

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Short Takes" Introduction

I'm going to start a series or category of random comic gags named "Short Takes". Just humor done in a few panels. The topics and characters will be random. Tell me if you like it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bulkhead Leader Class Transformers Animated Toy Review

If you watch Transformer Animated, this could one of popular and well love character with a Big heart. Meet Bulkhead.

I'm one of those who fall in love with Bulkhead half way through the season 1. Among the series of his toy, Leader class series give a justification of the character in the animated, Although the toy maker can do a much better job. Okay on with the review!

Vehicle Mode
A very handsome military vehicle. Much more like a Riot-control vehicle with well shelter window and a water cannon on the top.

Closer look on the water cannon. Unfortunately this toy does not spray water.

The back can be open but all you can see is his arms.

For leader class, having light and sound is a must (that what you get when you pay that much). In vehicle mode, you will get the siren sound and lights.

Here are some snap shot of the transformation. It take me sometime to figure out the full transformation. A sound effect will be play when you transform it.

Robot Mode
Look heavy and it does feel heavy. True to the mass but the height is still rather short for me. However it has a good sense of balance.

The head do give light and some movement whenever the Autobot button on the chest is being push.

Another reason I love about this figure are the Phase being played.
"Sorry, my bad." and my personal favorite, "You can do it buddy"

On the right hand is the clip.

On the left, a saw.

both can be do some actions.

Meet Headmaster.

Once you put on this head on the body, another phase will be in play. "Ownage, Total Ownage".

Good though in design and stay faithful to the animation series.

I will do showing a self-made comic strip in the next toy entry. Come back for more.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you want more readers or more traffic?

Coming to the end of second week of my blogging, I got some questions on my mind.

Since I added Entrecard, I do get more traffic but as for readers and interaction, it was minimum. I came across a blogger that share tips on how to "Drop" Entrecard more efficiently. You know like 100 drop in 100 blogs within minutes that sort of thing? I don't know why but that kind of turn me off. That mean dropping card without reading what the blogger's articles (unless you are master in speed reading).The droppers will earn the points and the site owner earn web traffic. But what about the content of the blog?
drop drop drop drop drop
Is that what blogging is all about? That prompted me to ask myself the following

Do I want traffic where people just drop the card and go or do I want interested readers instead?

Do I want to write articles on what other people want to read or should I write articles on what I wanted to share or say? Something for me to think it over the weekend.

Anyway I added Digg it and submitted some articles and shortly I got some readers on those articles. That's encouraging.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top Commentators for Blogspot Added

Communication always happen in both way. So why not let it happen at our blog?

It is time to appreciate those who comment and the best way is to give them a proper honor by adding "Top Commentator" widget.

For blogspot users like me, here how it's done. Don't worry it is rather fool proof.

If you hit any problem, you can ask here, I will try my best to answer.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Michael Jackson Dangerous World Tour Collectibles

This is a limited edition Michael Jackson Dangerous World tour booklet back in 1993. I found this when I was doing my housekeeping over the weekend. I got it as a souvenir.

In A3 size, this booklets have some of his achievement, interviews and lots of colorful photos. I'm going to share some of it.

Some of his closed-up shots in Black and White, Adulthood and childhood photos side by side. Hm...

Some of the write-up.

I like how this photograph was taken. Remind me of his MTV "The way you make me feel".

Here is his Signature pose from "Billy Jeans". Famous for the "Moon Walking".

Another Signature moments but I think that was between "Thriller" and "Bad"... I think that appear in "Man in the mirror"...

At one corner of the booklet, I find this interesting picture. A photo taken with Japanese student.

Taken from his "Black or White" MTV.

It ain't hard for me to "JAM". MJ vs MJ (Michael Jordan).

"Keep it in the closet" was hot with naomi campbell inside.

Something you don't see everyday. Visit to Africa.

I found this in the booklet.

Yes it is the Dangerous World Tour Ticket in 1993. I actually save up to go for his concert. It is really a one kind experience. Like it or not, he was the King of Pop in his era.
Check out others my other collectibles of Michael Jackson.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nikon Coolpix L16 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix L16 is one carefree shooting digital camera that give good results almost every shot.

This 7.1 megapixel camera comes with a wealth of automatic functions such as Anti-shake AE and 4x optical zoom. It is compact and run on 2 AA batteries.

In Easy auto mode, face-priority will be available. That means it will auto-focus on other human face and give the best sharp result. Anti-shake AE will detect subject movement and camera shake, and automatically overcomes blur by adjusting to high shutter speeds and higher ISO sensitivity. L16 accurately measure available light to automatically select the optimal sensitivity setting for the shot between the range of ISO 64 to as high as ISO 1600.

Here are some shots I did with the Camera. Note: The only photo adjustment I did was resizing and none other just for this quality review.

In Sport mode in a traveling vehicle

Taken from a road juction where other vehicles in the front are moving fast.

Singapore Flyer taken at the express way traveling about 70km/hr.

Taken in Snow/beach mode setting

Personally very satisfy with the price and the features that the camera is offering.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Change of Template

I have been trying to be patient with my old template (customize one) but I just had enough.

The old design was cool but the space is not maximize. When I add in some new widget, most of the time either display problem or spacing problem. After careful backup and consideration, I went looking for another template that is suitable to my need.

So what is my need?

I wanted a space maximization
simple yet sleek look
More compartment

In short, more portal look.

And I found what I'm looking for eblogtemplate

Will do some more customizing later.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-Shot Mobile Phone

This could be the next phone for mobile phone camera lover.

Mobile shutter bugs or not, you will love this camera phone. Providing 8.1 Megapixel in resolution and with a Xenon Flash (Not those LED Lighting), it stand equal to many conventional digital camera. More than that, it has
Auto Focus and Face detection option. Afraid of getting blurry images during quick snap or video recording? Image and Video Stabilizer are included. This is indeed a digital camera!

Let's talk about phone then shall we? Beside having MMS and SMS, two other features offering in the high end mobile phone would be GPS and Wifi. C905 has the both them. However instead of GPS, it provide aGPS.

What is aGPS? aGPS is assisted Global Positioning System. It uses cellular network towers which normally have GPS receivers. The cellular phone just need to request it and the GPS data will pass to the phone.  In this way, it will have faster location acquisition since the phone need not process and at such uses lesser processing power compare to a true GPS phone. How much better it will be will need to test it out when it release. You can read more of aGPS here.

Will do a more detail review once I get the phone. Meanwhile will wait for the release.

Sony Ericsson C905
Sony Ericsson C905 Specs

Saturday, September 6, 2008

samsung bluetooth Headset WEP200

I just got hold of this gadget today. It is Samsung WEP 200 Bluetooth headset. Please don't mind the plastic layer in the photo as I kept the protective screen on. :)

The design, size and the weight captured me. It is so small and lightweight (15 grams). Appealing to the ladies, it comes 4 colors to choose from White, Silver, Black and Red and I chose black (Always my favorite color).

It has 70 hours stand-by time while talk time about 4 hours. The range is 10 meters(30ft) max which is good enough for me.

I pair it up with my Sony Ericsson K770i and I work perfectly.

Here is how I pair it up.

1. Make sure the WEP-200 (Headset) is off
2. Hold the Multi-function key on the headset for 8 second and it will give flashing blue blink
3. Use your mobile phone to search for the device and connect it
4. Enter the password or Pin and you are ready to go.

It is that simple. The reception was clear and I am happy with it.

One thing I need to be mindful of it as it is so small in size and weight that I might lose it. Everything has it price right?

End of the day, no more entangling wire and that is great for drivers.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Second Day in Blogger

It is really hard work to customize template! I was hit by many unexpected surprises. So what have I done so far beside fine tuning the template?

  • Site Meter - Beside knowing how many hits, it also allow you to know your visitor who and where they from visited your blog.

  • Embedded Comment Area - Another handy tools which visitor who want to comment need not go into another page just to comment. This will only work for "Blogger" only by Blogger in Draft.

  • Subscription - Now you can subscribe to my blog via email if I have any updates. Okay this is a good to have...I did that from Feedburner.

  • All those above are easy compare to the fine tuning of the template. With such effort, I think changing of the template will not be easy... I think I really need to brush up my understanding of the xml languages... Another learning curve...

    Thanks to my friend who is more experience blogger at blogspot to help me out. Thanks Pal!

    Okay will update with you guys again later.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    First day in blogger

    Hi everyone, I'm LEon and thanks for reading my blog.

    I know it's a bit messy around here as I am still in the mist of building the blog up. Being trying out some features like template and CSS and all those stuff. Hopefully when I am done, I can share with all of you more of my interest and my experience of "how-to" do up a blog step by step.

    So tempted to put a "Under construction" logo but I figure that a bit old fashion and maybe a big turn off. So come back later okay?